Performance Heads Up with Chris

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Performance Heads Up with Chris

By Elite CurrenSea

Welcome to the series of "Live Talks" with the co-founders of Elite CurrenSea (ECS), where we dwell into:
  • How to reach ≈ 100% yearly returns with us while lowering chances for a drawdown
  • Performance of our methods now and over the years
  • Our takes on financial markets
  • Q&As & discussion with the participants 😉
By attending, you should come out better equipped to decide whether our trading suits your investment style.

And to help you make up your mind (without totally boring you😊), we will go into detail on such aspects of our trading as:
  • News trading on Flagship account
  • Algo trading with top automated EAs;
  • The importance of risk management in margin trading
Finally, in each session, we will discuss a new topic that will hopefully give you an edge when trading and investing.

Now, if any of the above tickles your curiosity, save your spot & see you on Thursday 🚀

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