Communication Infrastructure for Engineering Managers

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Communication Infrastructure for Engineering Managers

By G2i

Looking to improve your team's communication and engineering practices? Join G2i and Collie for an engaging conversation featuring Lukasz Korecki, a seasoned software engineer, startup founder, and product enthusiast. Guiding this insightful event is Michelle Bakels, Program Director at G2i, promising more than just dialogue — it's an exploration into practical steps for refining communication within engineering teams.

In this session, Lukasz will unravel the secrets behind cultivating trust and autonomy within engineering teams. Drawing from his experiences founding and leading EnjoyHQ (acquired by UserZoom), Lukasz brings real-world expertise to the table. Michelle Bakels, an engineer with extensive experience in developer health, will guide the discussion, offering a unique blend of industry knowledge and practical insights.

Whether you're an engineer, engineering manager, organizational leader, or simply tech-curious, this is your call to action. Don't miss out on a discussion that’ll expand your perspective on team communication and engineering practices.

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