Livestream: Kathleen Paris in Conversation with Mare Chapman

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Livestream: Kathleen Paris in Conversation with Mare Chapman

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About the Book

Paris takes a systemic—mind, spirit, and body--approach in her book, Gentle Comforts: For Women Grieving the Loss of Their Beloved Life Companion, providing 50+ practical reflections on grief, journaling opportunities, and easy, healthy recipes. The reflections in Gentle Comforts follow a griever from the first weeks of loss onward. The topics are tailored to what a woman might need along her grief journey. For example, dealing with the barrage of mail and eating nourishing meals and hydration are essential issues in those first weeks. Clarifying bedrock values or reaching out to other grievers can come later.

About Kathleen Paris

Kathleen A. Paris, Ph.D., lost her beloved husband of twenty-five years, Matt Cullen, in 2018, and has been reaching out ever since to other grieving women.

About Mare Chapman

Mare Chapman, M.A., a mindfulness-based feminist therapist and mindfulness instructor, teaches classes, retreats, and trains health professionals in mindfulness. Building on forty years of clinical experience and thirty years of studying and practicing mindfulness, she is especially devoted to understanding the cultural conditioning that trains women to disconnect from their authenticity, and how mindfulness can transform these habits so women can live fully empowered lives. Her book, Unshakeable Confidence, the Freedom to be Our Authentic Selves: Mindfulness for Women, is based on the class she's been teaching to women for over 25 years. Her audio podcasts, dharma talks, and guided meditations are available at

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