Top 7 Secrets to Growing a Podcast

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Top 7 Secrets to Growing a Podcast

By Podder

At Podder, we’ve uncovered 7 powerful tactics for podcast growth by analyzing data from 15M+ downloads.

In this masterclass, we’ll share our proven strategies around:
  • Evergreen & Niche Topics - How to optimize your content for maximum discoverability and lifelong value using data-driven topic selection.
  • Podcast Interviews - Our framework for pitching and collaborating with ideal guests tailored to your niche using proven outreach templates.
  • Podcast Ad Apps - How we got 3,000+ IAB certified downloads in 30 days for under $100 through strategic advertising on platforms like Fountain.
  • Email Marketing - Building highly engaged subscriber lists leveraging lead magnets, automations, and segmentation.
  • Podcast Smartlinks - Simplifying your promotion and unlocking powerful analytics with smartlinks. Plus organic social media growth tactics.
  • Podcast SEO - Optimizing on-page elements and expanding reach through guest cross-promotion, backlinks, and content repurposing.
Everything we cover is backed by real data and results from top podcasters. Our goal is to provide effective tactics, not exaggerations.

When you apply, we’ll review your podcast to ensure this webinar is a good fit. Space is limited to 50 to maximize personal guidance.

Those who attend the full live webinar get 2 free months of Podder Pro for audience analytics.

If you have an established podcast and are ready to implement growth strategies, join us. You’ll walk away with tangible templates to take your show to the next level.

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