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Graphic Novels for First Readers

By Books of Wonder

Great Titles for Graphic Novel Fans!

  • These fun and funny graphic novels for early readers will have you laughing out loud as an ant, a dog, and a hat go to the moon, a little sister receives a not-so-great haircut, a magical cat and dog get into some witchy trouble, a group of friends smell — I mean solve — a mystery, and a penguin that's just a kid gets into all kinds of mischief!
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  • Dog and Hat and the Lunar Eclipse Picnic by DARIN SHULER. When Ant sets out to visit her cousins on moon, Dog and Hat join the journey, hoping to arrive in time to have a picnic during a very special moon occasion — a lunar eclipse. Can the trio overcome the many obstacles to get there in time? Dreams, jokes, and curiosities abound in this wonderfully strange and funny adventure where Dog and Hat (and Ant!) discover that big dreams are possible when friends provide help along the way!
  • Reggie: Kid Penguin by JEN de OLIVEIRA. Reggie is just like any other kid: always looking for fun and adventure! But Reggie’s curious, playful side sometimes gets him into trouble. Like when he tries to give himself a haircut before picture day… and ends up gluing his feathers back on his head! Or when he sneaks a mouthful of cookie dough from the kitchen... then feels the sun baking cookies in his tummy! Or when his babysitter puts him on a kid leash while they walk to the park… and he rebels by acting like a dog!
  • Baby-Sitters Little Sister: Karen's Haircut illustrated by KATY FARINA. Karen feels like an ugly duckling. She already has to wear glasses, and now her baby teeth are starting to come out, too. Fortunately, she knows exactly what will make her look glamorous — a new haircut. But the beauty parlor lady cuts Karen's hair all wrong! Karen is devastated and worried about what the kids at school will say. Can Karen get back to feeling like her usual confident self?
  • Styx and Scones in the Sticky Wand by JAY COOPER. Styx the cat and Scones the dog live with two friendly witches. When one witch leaves her wand out by mistake, Scones thinks it’s a stick and wants to play with it, and Styx joins in on the fun. Soon, unpredictable bursts of magic are everywhere! Can the duo clean up their magical mess before the witches find out?
  • The Untimely Passing of Nicholas Fart: A Who-Dealt-It Mystery by JOSH CRUTE. Once there was a smell so stinky, a reek so foul, that Nicholas Fart toppled from his chair, rolled across the carpet, and passed out cold on the floor. It was the perfect crime. But never fear! Penelope Whiff is on the case, and she is sure to get to the bottom of this who-dealt-it mystery. Can she sniff out the source of the nasty, PUTRID smell?
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