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Great Middle Grade Graphic Novels

By Books of Wonder

Graphic Novels You Won't Want to Put Down!

Magical summer vacations, a rebel band of girls, and a boy that just can't seem to do anything right make for an intriguing virtual event! Grab these great graphic novels while you can!

Tune in for:
  • Eowulf: Of Monsters and Middle School by MIKE CAVALLARO. Eowulf Wegmund just had the most amazing summer ever! Lots of travel (through dimensions) and adventure (fought an evil god)! Pretty rad, even for a descendant of the legendary monster hunter Beowulf! Now stuck back home in her boring New Jersey suburb, a mysterious supervillain returns to wreak havoc. To save her town, Eowulf has to live up to her legacy and become the greatest monster hunter of all!
  • Ink Girls by MARIEKE NIJKAMP & SYLVIA BI. Cinzia and her mentor, Mestra Aronne, are the printers in sunny Siannerra, and are trusted to get the city its news. When Mestra Aronne discovers that the princess's brother is stealing from the city, once they print the story, the two are arrested! Cinzia manages to escape, and with the help of a network of girls, she embarks on a mission to free Mestra Aronne. Will they succeed in time?
  • K Is in Trouble by GARY CLEMENT. No matter what he does or says, it seems there is someone ready to blame him for everything. K is in trouble for going to school. K is in trouble for staying home. K is in trouble for seemingly everything! Whether it’s his easily annoyed parents or prickly pedestrians on the street, K gets on everyone’s bad side... and he didn’t even do anything wrong!
  • Wings of Fire: Winter Turning illustrated by MIKE HOLMES. When Winter's sister, Icicle, runs away with the intention of committing more crimes than those she's already running from, Winter takes it upon himself to go get her back. But his friends won't let him go it alone, and soon they're all on an arctic adventure!
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