Great Middle Grade Graphic Novels

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Great Middle Grade Graphic Novels

By Books of Wonder

Graphic Novels That'll Grab Your Attention!

Dragons, evil space robots, and a journey of self-reflection take center stage in this exciting middle grade virtual panel! These graphic novels are sure to knock your socks off!
You won't want to miss:
  • Enlighten Me by MINH LÉ. When Bình fights back against a bully who makes fun of his Vietnamese heritage, instead of being cheered as the hero, he gets stuck on a family trip to a silent meditation retreat. Could things possibly get any worse? However, when a nun gathers all the kids to tell them the Jataka tales — the stories of the Buddha’s many past lives — Bình takes a fantastical dive into his imagination and starts to see himself in these stories. Will he retreat further into himself, or will he emerge from the weekend open to change?
  • Rise of the Shadowfire (City of Dragons #2) by JAMAL YOGIS. Ever since the battle in Hong Kong, Grace and her friends have been trying to find a way to get to Paris. Suddenly whisked away to the Dragon King's lair, Grace learns that Daijiang and his underlings are searching for an ancient relic that will let them subjugate the dragons, and Grace needs to find it first! The team must get to Paris and stop Daijiang's plan. Will they be able to stop the war before it begins?
  • Billie Blaster and the Robot Army from Outer Space by LAINI TAYLOR and illustrated by JIM Di BARTOLO. Don’t you hate it when your archenemy launches your latest invention into space, accidentally creating a robot army that falls into the clutches of an evil alien emperor? Well, that’s how Billie Blaster’s day is going! Can Billie prevent an intergalactic war that’s kind of totally her fault? With her pet goat, Lucy, a giant robot head, and a toilet weasel from a distant planet, she might just stand a chance. Join them on their perilous adventure, in a spaceship without a bathroom.
Sunday, October 22nd at 4PM EST via Crowdcast!

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