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Great Middle Grade Reads

By Books of Wonder

Tales You Won't Want to Miss!

Inspiring stories, suspenseful dramas, and mysterious circumstances abound in this terrific middle grade virtual event!
Tune in to discover:
  • Heroes: A Novel of Pearl Harbor by ALAN GRATZ. In the early days before Pearl Harbor, two best friends daydream and draw comics, thinking of the future they're excited to share. But when the war arrives on their doorstep, the boys are left floundering. Can their friendship — and their dreams — survive this watershed moment in history?
  • Listen to This by JENNIFER BELCHER. Will likes Lily. Lily's made a new friend in Sienna. Sienna isn't so sure about Lily and Will. Between disastrous sleepovers, secret crushes, old and new friends, and clueless parents, how does anyone make it through the tumult of seventh grade?
  • Paige Not Found by JEN WILDE. Subjected to an autism study that implanted a chip in her brain, the program can now access everything in her head, even change her mood. So when Paige learns that the program is about to merge with the world's biggest (and most corrupt) social media company, she decides to track down the other subjects and tell them the truth, so they can stop the merger before it happens!
Saturday, May 11th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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