Great Middle Grade Reads for November

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Great Middle Grade Reads for November

By Books of Wonder

New Middle Grade Titles Full of Action and Perseverance!

With a modern-day treasure hunt, an adventurous teen trying to escape detention, and a young boy trying to find his place in the world, these new books are sure to touch your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat!
Tune in to discover:
  • The Death and Life of Benny Brooks: Sort of a Memoir by ETHAN LONG. Benny's life is slowly unraveling. His parents are newly divorced, his mom chooses to move away, and Benny and his brother and sister are left with their chain-smoking dad, who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Benny is lonely, anxious, and very angry. He can't sleep at night and spends his days trying to survive fifth grade. Will he be able to overcome his circumstances and come out on top?
  • Elle Campbell Wins Their Weekend by BEN KAHN. The thing Elle Campbell wants most is to meet their hero, non-binary icon Nuri Grena, so Elle is thrilled to learn that Nuri is coming to town for book signing on Saturday. Elle's never been happier since they came out as non-binary, but they have a lot of questions, and only Nuri can answer. But when Elle lands in Saturday detention, it'll take their two best friends' zany plan to bust them out...  a plan so outrageous, it just might work.
  • Treasure Island: Runaway Gold by JEWELL PARKER RHODES. Zane is itching for an adventure to take him away from his family’s boarding house in Rockaway, Queens. So when that comes as a real treasure map, leading to a spot somewhere in Manhattan, Zane races to the city to start the search with his friends and his dog, Hip-Hop. There, they meet John, a sailor who is eager to help them find the treasure. He knows all about the buried history of Black New Yorkers of centuries past — and the gold that is hidden somewhere in those stories. But as a vicious rival skateboard crew follows them around the city, it becomes clear that treasure hunting is a dangerous business…
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