Great Picture Books to Share!

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Great Picture Books to Share!

By Books of Wonder

Merry and Bright New Picture Books!

These fun and festive picture books will have you smiling from ear to ear! Join in virtually to discover some special new reads, just in time for the holidays!
Tune in for:
  • I Want 100 Dogs by STACY McANULTY. A young girl proclaims, "I want 100 dogs." In a twist, her parents agree, but they have just one question: Where will 100 dogs sleep? Our protagonist revises her request to 90 dogs. But how does one walk 90 dogs? A silly, subtractive counting tale and an over-the-top ode to the joys (and woes) of canine company, this sweet and surprising story proves that no matter how boundless your enthusiasm, when it comes to finding the perfect pet, sometimes less really is more.
  • The Twelve Hours of Christmas by JENN BAILEY. It’s December 25th, and one big family isn’t wasting a minute of this special day! Grandparents arrive, cousins build snowmen, Uncle Lee tells jokes, Auntie takes pictures, and the whole family shares a holiday feast before it’s finally time to say goodbye and good night. This fun-filled, modern take on the classic song celebrates the most important part of Christmas Day: being together.
Sunday, November 26th at 1PM ET via Crowdcast!

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