Great YA Mystery & Suspense!

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Great YA Mystery & Suspense!

By Books of Wonder

Stories to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seats!

High school can be hard enough, but when you through in a mysterious secret society or a murderer on the loose, it gets even more out of hand!
Tune in for:
  • A Darker Mischief by DEREK MILMAN. After being awarded a scholarship to a prestigious New England boarding school, he's thrilled to leave his life in Mississippi behind. But when he really doesn't fit in, he decides to join the secret society on campus, and even falls in love in the process. It's too bad that absolutely nothing is as it seems...
  • One Killer Problem by JUSTINE PUCELLA WINANS. When Gigi and her friends discover their favorite teacher lying in a pool of blood, they decide to track the murderer down themselves. The deeper Gigi gets in this mystery, the more dangerous things become, so it's starting to look like making it out of junior year is going to be one killer problem!
Saturday, June 15th at 5PM ET via Crowdcast!

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