HALO INNER CIRCLE with Stephanie Lodge - 11.23.22

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HALO INNER CIRCLE with Stephanie Lodge - 11.23.22


Stephanie Lodge's HALO Circle is a weekly online gathering designed to realign your LIGHT with the Angelic Light Streams of Creation. Stephanie holds their current consistently during session and has refined this ability for over 15+ years.

HALO Inner Circle dives into the Angelic Arts and Sacred Sciences for the Modern Age of Angelic Ascension, which Stephanie calls the Diamond Age.

This online gathering is a spontaneous journey that includes any or all of the following as guided directly from her Celestial Councils of living light and love for harmonizing your mind-body-soul system, or HALO.
  • Channeled/Streamed commentary on the overall energetic climate including oracle card "reading" for the week and any other information that streams forth from the Angels.
  • HALO Keys - numerical or heart streaming languages that work on the heart, health, and harmonic fields.
  • Guided meditation journey with the Angels of Light for deep reset of emotional vibration at the unconscious levels that includes the restoration of quantum crystalline structures.
Join us weekly on Wednesdays at 6 pm PT / 9pm ET - LIVE!

This is a sliding scale experience, meaning the minimum to join for any single alignment is $33, but save 65% as an Angelhood HALO member.

You can join as a member of THE ANGELHOOD online social network and enter the HALO via this link: https://bit.ly/halosynthesiscircle.

You'll not only receive the 65% savings on these weekly alignments, you'll also receive extra perks and discounts for being a member.

The monthly membership subscription is $44.99 a month and includes a beautiful community of "Light Minded" high-frequency beings! You can cancel any time before your next month's renewal if you desire.

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