Hiring trends: Predictions for 2024 and a look back at 2023

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Hiring trends: Predictions for 2024 and a look back at 2023

By Flexa

In 2023, we’ve seen demand for mental health support in the workplace rise stronger than ever before, demand for remote working increase, and new benefits such as fertility leave rising in popularity. So as we wrap up 2023 and look ahead to 2024, we’ll be analysing the hiring trends that defined this period of growth – and what changes still lie ahead.
Join us on December 12th at 3PM GMT as we take a closer look at Flexa-exclusive data together with Hannah Gardiner, Global Head of Talent at Austin International, with 19 years of experience in sales, start up's and staffing industries Hannah is passionate about challenging the status quo, doing things differently, and continuing to unlock more opportunities for people to build success, she sees this as both an opportunity and a responsibility we have in this industry, Clive Smart, Head of Talent Acquisition at Moneysupermarket Group who’s background in the recruitment/talent acquisition industry spans many years and sectors, with a focus in Technology recruitment and Suzi Lilley, Global People Leader at tms, who’s role extends across Global Talent Acquisition, people data and insights and people change and transformation projects, leading high performing teams across North America and Europe to deliver talent to a global organisation of 1400 people, and hosted by our very own CEO and co-founder, Molly Johnson-Jones.

As well as looking back at 2023, we’ll also be discussing our predictions for 2024 and beyond:
  • Will flexible hours become as crucial as location flexibility?
  • How will rising interest in 4-day weeks and job shares play out?
  • Can supply meet surging candidate demand for flexible roles?
  • What new benefits will emerge and which ones will start to trickle off?
2023 cemented that one-size doesn't fit all when it comes to finding the right talent fit. As flexible working isn’t going anywhere fast, we look at how the organisations must continually adapt.
Join us as we dig into the macro and micro trends that will shape the coming year.

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