How to Scale User Acquisition in 2023

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How to Scale User Acquisition in 2023

By Business of Apps

Economic and privacy uncertainties continue to have both users and marketers across the world questioning their spending habits.

Acquiring users is becoming more expensive, even harder for those who may be learning to work with restricted ad budgets and data restrictions - not to mention, users themselves are making adjustments to their in-app spending.

So, what can we do to continue driving quality user acquisition at scale amidst these roadblocks?

Perform[cb] CSO, Matthew Lord, and EVP of Marketers, Lee Aho, have the insights and resources to help app marketers create a plan to grow user acquisition with long-term retention as the end outcome in mind.

In this webinar, we will cover a plan of action to scale your user acquisition through 2023 and on:

1. Competitive optimizations for efficient ad spend*
2. Maximizing reach through top traffic channels
3. Campaign strategies to test ahead of Q4
4. Three user acquisition success stories with top marketers, including FanDuel


Matthew Lord, CSO, Perform[cb]

Matthew Lord serves as a Chief Strategy Officer at Perform[cb], with 15+ years of experience in the affiliate and mobile marketing channels. Matthew has been a central figure in implementing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions at Perform[cb], as well as establishing the OPM division in 2015, now known as Perform[cb] Agency. Matthew assisted in the development of Perform[cb]’s patented anti-fraud suite, PerformSHIELD, which continues to evolve through machine learning and predictive analytics. From working with marketers and affiliates, to compliance, product, and tech, Matt’s user acquisition expertise spreads far across the organization and industry as a whole


Lee Aho, EVP of Marketers, Perform[cb]

Lee Aho serves as Executive Vice President of Marketers at Perform[cb], overseeing strategic sales, business development, and client growth management. Lee has been an integral growth driver of Perform[cb]’s outcome-based marketing solutions, helping brands execute industry-leading customer acquisition strategies on a pay-for-results model. Recognized for his dedication to strategically and successfully scaling enterprise marketers, Lee helps Perform[cb] utilize a data-driven approach while optimizing major and emerging digital channels. With 15 years of outcome-based marketing experience, Lee is a passionate digital marketer."


James Cooper, Director, Business of Apps

James is a Director at Business of Apps and also the Chairman of the App Promotion Summit series of events. James previously worked at The Guardian where he was Head of Strategy, and as a management consultant on projects for many of the world’s leading media and technology companies.

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