Lessons in Resilience: Blue light collaboration with major rail project HS2

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Lessons in Resilience: Blue light collaboration with major rail project HS2

By Emergency Services Times

In the dynamic landscape of emergency response, the synergy between the blue lights and the HS2 project unveils a resilient collaboration, showcasing invaluable lessons in preparedness and teamwork.

Learn how Joint Emergency Service Interoperability Principles (JESIP) can expand beyond the blue light sector and collaborate with fire and ambulance to create a safe and resilient environment.

This session will focus on the High-Speed 2 (HS2) project, which involves the construction and operation of a high-speed railway network, and how emergencies or incidents can pose unique challenges that require a coordinated effort to be safe.

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Key takeaways:

- Explore the joint training and exercises the HS2 team uses with fire and ambulance services to familiarise each agency with the specific challenges of the HS2 project and develop effective communication and coordination protocols.

- Gain insights into collaborative planning and how it involves the integration of emergency response plans from the HS2 project, fire services, and ambulance services so each sector understands their roles and responsibilities.

- Understand communication protocols and how the HS2 team, fire services, and ambulance services use common communication channels to facilitate seamless information exchange during emergencies.

- Learn how adhering to JESIP principles and fostering a culture of collaboration, the HS2 team can work seamlessly with fire and ambulance services, creating a safer and more resilient environment for both the project and the surrounding communities.

Date: 1 February 2024, 14:00 - 14:50

Catherine Levin, Editor, Emergency Services Times

Guest speakers:

Jim Smith, Senior Business Resilience Manager, HS2
Wesley Routledge, Resilience Manager, East of England Ambulance Service
Ralph Ashwood, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Deputy Director, HS2 - C1 Structure
Keith Harland, Group Commander, Hertfordshire FRS

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