The Rondo Band

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The Rondo Band

By Walker|West Music Academy

In 1956, more than 600 African-American families, including businesses and institutions living in the Rondo neighborhood of Saint Paul,  lost their homes to the construction of the new I-94 highway cutting across the United States. Rondo's disaggregation was part of a national movement that upended thousands of black, immigrant, and poor communities to make room for more seamless coast-to-coast automobile transportation. Home to such artists as Gordon Parks, August Wilson, Roberta Davies, and Bobby Lyles, the Rondo neighborhood produced and inspired artists and musicians who would go on to national fame. The Rondo Community Music Series, presented by Walker West Music Academy, showcases a current generation of artists who continue to be inspired by Rondo's history, cultural expression, and resilience. The Rondo Community Music Series presents a variety of musicians and artists from September through April 2024. Join us for all of the hour-long concerts and be inspired by the power of music to convey and shape communities. All shows are FREE, but you must register!

The Rondo Band - For over 30 years, Mr. James Felix has taught saxophone, clarinet and flute in addition to directing jazz ensembles here at Walker West. He has been a mentor and organizer for youth performances at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival since 2003. He is a natural at engaging youth and has given a life of service to the promotion of jazz in our community. He was even given the Jazz Educator Award sponsored by Thrivent Financial at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival in 2019.

Check out The Rondo Band as part of the Rondo Community Music Series, led by Mr. Felix James, which features a revolving cast of well known players from the Twin Cities and beyond.

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