The Learning Engineering Toolkit You Need with Jim Goodell

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The Learning Engineering Toolkit You Need with Jim Goodell


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Learning Engineer may sound like a fancy new title for instructional designers, but it's so much more than that. The current state of our "industry" is spread quite thin across many domains. There is art, science, technology, humanity, politics, business, and so much more all part of the work we do as corporate training professionals of one form or another. Learning Engineering finally brings it all together under one banner.

Jim Goodell is the editor of the new book The Learning Engineering Toolkit. He joins us to talk about the growing number of practitioners adapting to this more complete understanding of the work we do and services Learning Engineering provides for the enterprise.

This conversation will appeal to everyone in the L&D, and corporate training industry. And whether you're new to Instructional design or a seasoned professional you'll benefit from understanding the future of Learning Engineering. The Learning Engineering Toolkit is everything you need to get started.

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Jim Goodell
Editor and co-author of Learning Engineering Toolkit

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