When Critical Voices Are Silenced

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When Critical Voices Are Silenced

By TPLCulture

What’s at stake when voices that challenge dominant narratives go unheard?

In today’s overwhelming media and information landscape, critical voices struggle to find established platforms - and their audiences. When we’re unable to access all information, our perspectives on important issues can narrow.

American attorney Steven Donziger, Reverend Keyanna Jones, Canadian researcher Molly Murphy and Indigenous writer and activist Nick Estes discuss what’s at stake when voices that challenge dominant narratives go unheard and speak to their experiences in deeply linked campaigns for environmental, racial and economic justice.

How does our varied access to information affect our view of the world? What role do activists play in expanding our understanding of critical issues? And what happens to our perspectives when we don’t have the full story?

Join the conversation.

About this event’s guests: Steven Donziger
Keyanna Jones
Molly Murphy
Nick Estes

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This event is part of our new series exploring what’s at stake when intellectual freedom is threatened.

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