Inclusive Interviewer Training

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Inclusive Interviewer Training

By Equitas

Unlock the Power of Inclusive Interviews!

Want to enhance your interviewing skills and ensure a fair and inclusive hiring process?
Look no further! Join our Inclusive Interviewer Training Session, where industry experts will share their insights and best practices to empower you as an interviewer.

🎙️ Michael Blakley: Co-Founder of Equitas
🎙️ Alicia Richardson: Founder of Black Create Connect
🎙️ Jane Donnelly: Global Talent Acquisition Manager at Blancco Technology Group

What to Expect:
Best practices for inclusive interviews: Gain valuable insights into conducting interviews that are fair and inclusive.

How to implement structure from the start: Learn how to establish a robust interview structure right from the beginning.

Hire fairly at scale checklist: A a free resource to ensure fairness when hiring at scale.

How to train your interviewers: Discover effective strategies for training your team to conduct inclusive interviews.

Free interview training guide:
Sign up today and receive an interview training resource, containing best practices for structured interviews, absolutely free! This valuable resource will equip you with the tools needed to conduct inclusive interviews

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your interviewing skills and contribute to a more inclusive recruitment process.

Sign up now to secure your spot!

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