Increase the Frequency of Your Business

Kim D'Eramo DO

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Increase the Frequency of Your Business

By Kim D'Eramo DO

Tune into this FREE LIVE WORKSHOP to learn:
  • Why you may no longer resonate with the work you’re doing and how to step into the inspiring work you're really here to do
  • How to stop taking on others’ energy and activate your clients to awaken their own powers
  • How to let go of the overwhelming strategies you've been told you need in order to grow your business
  • How to consciously create your business so your work is effortless and you easily receive more than what you put in
  • How to tap into your own body for guidance and clarity in creating the work you are really here to do
  • How to connect with exactly who you're here to work with so they find you easily and can choose to work with you
  • PLUS an INVITATION to be part of my group starting soon to step into a new dimension in your work and life!Bonus EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) mini-session to align yourself with money, love & purpose!

Please allow up to 2 hours for this event. Bring a notebook and some water and be ready to awaken!
XO, Kim

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Kim D'Eramo DO


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