Secure your IaC, secure your cloud!

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Secure your IaC, secure your cloud!

By GitGuardian

The cloud revolution has taken the world, and programming languages, by storm! In 2022, HCL, the HashiCorp Configuration Language, driven by the popularity of Terraform and Infrastructure-as-Code practices, became the #1 fastest-growing language on GitHub! Who would’ve expected that ten years ago?!

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) has become the go-to way for developers, SREs, and platform engineers to automate deployments and replicate environments. But with this increased automation comes an increased risk of misconfigurations. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of Infrastructure-as-Code and its security implications. We will explore network, data, and permissions best practices for IaC security and learn how to harden IaC templates with GitGuardian’s CLI, ggshield!

Additionally, there will be a live demonstration of IaC security scanning. Join me and special guest Tiexin Guo, ex-AWS Sr. DevOps Consultant, to learn how to keep your cloud infrastructure secure when using IaC!

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