Insomniac Harp Concert Time

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Insomniac Harp Concert Time

By Harpist Anne Roos

This is your chance to chill out during all your holiday festivities!

Welcome to Anne’s calming mini-concert created for those in the U.S. who can’t fall asleep and those in the rest of the world who’d like to tune into a stress-free show during a decent hour of the day. Drift off to peaceful, cozy Celtic harp music performed in real time with special meditation instructions included for the evening’s theme.

Meditation instructions based on teachings by Elaine Hoem, author of “Everyday Soul Dances—A Guide to Soulful Living in the Midst of Uncertain Times.” Her book serves to guide readers to more grounded, loving, and courageous ways of living.

Patrons: You are preregistered and attend for free! Otherwise, tickets are $7. Subscribe at watch this and all of Anne’s livestreamed mini-concerts for free as part of your membership!

Get a copy of tonight’s meditation! Patreon subscribers that support at the $10 tier and above receive this concert's meditation instructions delivered to your email. (Or add to Anne’s virtual tip jar during the concert and you’ll also receive the meditation instructions along with good karma, too!)

Watch the show live or on demand—Replay if you missed seeing it live or whenever you need a break from a hectic day.

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Harpist Anne Roos

Harpist Anne Roos


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