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Inspiring Picture Book Biographies

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Discover These Iconic Trailblazers!

These inspiring people have made a difference that we can all feel to this day, so read all about them and their amazing contributions to our world!
Tune in to check out:
  • Outspoken: Paul Robeson, Ahead of His Time by CAROLE BOSTON WEATHERFORD and illustrated by ERIC VELASQUEZ. Paul Robeson rose to prominence during the Harlem Renaissance, and was a remarkable man: an accomplished athlete, a bright intellect, a passionate supporter for humanitarian causes, and a talented singer and actor. He used the power of his voice to speak out, both at home and abroad!
  • Comet Chaser: The True Cinderella Story of Caroline Herschel, the First Professional Woman Astronomer by PAMELA S. TURNER. At a time when girls were barely educated at all, Caroline Herschel made waves as the first woman to discover a comet, the first officially recognized in a scientific role, and the first to be awarded for her lifetime of incredible scientific contributions!
  • Free to Learn: How Alfredo Lopez Fought for the right to Go to School by CYNTHIA LEVINSON. Alfredo is so excited for second grade! But then he learns that he's no longer allowed to go to school, because he wasn't born in the U.S. What follows becomes the landmark case Plyler v. Doe, which made a difference for children all over the country for years to come!
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