January Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

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January Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

By Books of Wonder

Great Middle Grade Reads to End January Right!

Do you ever wonder just how your dreams come to be, or what your life would be like if you could see and talk to ghosts? What about if you had musical, magical powers? Take these terrific reads for a spin and find out for yourself!
Join us online to discover:
  • The Dreamatics by MICHELLE CUEVAS. Follow the story of a dream theater, the place where a dream theatre troupe named The Dreamatics puts on the performances that become your dreams, behind the scenes! This one belongs to a girl named Luna, but when something devastating happens in Luna’s waking life, the theatre falls under new management in the form of the Bad Dreams. Now it’s up to a loyal stagehand named Dormir and the Dreamatics to put things right and restore balance in their world and in Luna’s.
  • The Fall of the House of Tatterly by SHANNA MILES. Twelve-year-old Theo Tatterly’s ability to see ghosts is a useful skill in a house full of dead relatives, but it makes him a loner at school and everywhere else, where ghosts eternally pester him for help. For Theo, life is easier on the periphery. When his first failed exorcism portends an end to the Tatterly line, Theo must bring together his entire family — living and dead — to save the home they’ve lived in for generations... and maybe the world.
  • Keynan Masters and the Peerless Magic Crew by DaVAUN SANDERS.Keynan thinks Peerless Academy is just a fancy art school that can’t teach him anything he doesn’t already know (how to write fire poems) and won’t solve his problems (the massive storms that threaten his home and family). But at Peerless, Keynan discovers secret passageways and unexplainable portals,  a corrupt magic that the school is barely able to contain, and that he can churn up the magic by putting his poetry to rhythm. Together with his crew of new friends, can Keynan prevent the magic from destroying the school — and the world?
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