Launching Businesses with Crowdfunding

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Launching Businesses with Crowdfunding

By Crowdfund Better®

In 2022, crowdfunding provided over $1B in capital for small businesses of all sizes. A large number of those businesses were startups.

Idea-stage and startup entrepreneurs have the chips stacked against them when looking for traditional capital to launch their businesses. Not so when it comes to crowdfunding. Not only can entrepreneurs use crowdfunding tools to raise much-needed capital, but the process of crowdfunding can also to provide proof of concept and market validation for their business ideas.

Empower yourself, your organization, and your staff with the knowledge and resources to support startups in using crowdfunding to launch their businesses.

In this webinar, we'll explore both the financial and non-financial benefits of crowdfunding for startup entrepreneurs, as well as review real world examples of how crowdfunding supported entrepreneurs in making their business ideas a reality. We'll also discuss how crowdfunding fits in the capital stack and can strengthen an entrepreneur's chances of accessing traditional capital.

Attendees will also be invited to explore the Crowdfund Better Certified Advisor™ training program to better understand how to guide startups to crowdfunding success.

About Your Instructor:

Kathleen Minogue is Founder & CEO of Crowdfund
Better™ and a recognized leader in the crowdfunding industry for her pioneering work in crowdfunding education. She is the creator of The Crowdfund Better Process™, the first crowdfunding technical assistance curriculum built to increase campaign success while strengthening business fundamentals. Kathleen is delighted to bring crowdfunding training to her fellow advisors.

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