#LBYRExtraCredit Presents: Graphic Novels from Master Picture Book Creators

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#LBYRExtraCredit Presents: Graphic Novels from Master Picture Book Creators

By Hachette Book Group

Join us on Thursday, August 31, 2023 at 4:00 PM ET for our next #LBYRExtraCredit event. Educator and podcaster Colby Sharp will be joined by picture book and graphic novel creators Sharee Miller and Minh Lê to discuss the joy of storytelling in the graphic novel format.

Learn more about Minh Lê: https://bit.ly/3SIEsHw
Learn more about Sharee Miller: https://bit.ly/476i9mC
Learn more about Colby Sharp: https://bit.ly/456EEG4

Virtual harassment or discriminatory behavior of any kind or nature is strictly prohibited and any attendee engaging in such behavior, in the sole discretion of the event organizer or host, will be immediately removed from this event.

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