How old is too old for my IVF treatment?

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How old is too old for my IVF treatment?

By AskYourDoctor

Curious about the age limit for IVF treatment? Join us for a webinar where 3 Fertility Experts will address a question: "How Old is Too Old for IVF Treatment?"
This event promises to provide valuable insights and answers to your burning questions live!
  • Dr Ernesto Bosch, PhD - Medical Director of IVI Valencia, Spain
  • Dr Dimitrios Dovas - Medical Director of New Life Greece
  • Dr Kristýna Frühaufová, PhD - Head Physician of GYNEM Fertility Clinic, The Czech Republic
The event will be hosted by: Professor Alan Thornhill, Fertility Expert & Coach, Founder of The Fertility Guy with over 25 years of experience and more than 100 scientific publications in IVF.

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