Let's talk Capital Gains Tax

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Let's talk Capital Gains Tax

By Parmenion

With the national debt now over £2.6trillion, inflation high and a recession looming, government finances are looking stretched. A governing party, philosophically committed to tax cuts, has been forced to cut some long standing investment related allowances.

And now, with tax year end closing in, what will those changes mean for your clients and the advice you give?

In this webinar we'll cover
  • The changes (briefly) - what does the new CGT (and personal savings allowance and dividends allowance) regime look like for 2023/24 tax year.
  • Tax wrappers - how to make the most of ISAs and other options like bonds.
  • Carry forward losses - and how they could take the sting out of the reduced CGT rates.
  • The implications for MPS - does the new CGT regime make ‘tax harvesting’ less worth bothering with?
  • Timing and data - realising gains in late 2022/23 and the importance of good data.
We're looking forward to seeing you on the day.

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