Fertility Awareness Masterclass with Emily aka Mama Wilder

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Fertility Awareness Masterclass with Emily aka Mama Wilder

By Lumina Health Services

Is this you?

You're over being told that your only (and best) option for family planning is some toxic form of birth control.

You know that there is something going on with your hormones, but don't know where to begin to understand them and heal your periods and cycles.

You are tired of going to your doctor and getting zero answers to your women's health and fertility questions. "Do you want to try a new birth control/pain med/antidepressant?" is JUST NOT GONNA CUT IT.

You've been around the block with different supplements, diets, and lifestyle hacks, but have not been able to crack the code on WHY your periods and hormones don't want to behave!

You struggle with cyclical symptoms like painful periods, mood swings, migraines, bloating, acne, miscarriage and infertility. You know there's a root cause that's related to your hormones, but you can't figure it out.

You've read all the blogs, followed all the IG and TikTok gurus, watched all the YouTube videos, and you are still confused on how to track your cycles properly.

You know that modern femtech (like Natural Cycles, Daysy, Inito, & Mira) is not giving you all the data you need to fully understand your hormones and biomarkers of your cycles. You'd like to learn how to use them as tools, without necessarily relying on them exclusively.


It's so popular that this is the FIFTH time that we have hosted it live.

It's served over 1600 women with the powerful, life-changing information they need to:
  • understand their hormonal cycles
  • use fertility awareness to plan their family
  • get to the root cause of their cycle symptoms
  • reconnect with their feminine nature that birth control suppressed for years

Now it's your turn.

We're thrilled to invite you to the exclusive, live charting masterclass where you'll become empowered and informed about hormones, cycles, birth control and beyond.

Hosted by Emily Chadwick (Mama Wilder) and taught by fertility awareness instructor, Mairead Suthoff (Lumina Health Services).


Understand your menstrual cycles and be an informed participant in your health!

Join this live, interactive masterclass and learn how to chart the basics with the FEMM fertility awareness protocol! You'll understand how you can use charting as a healthcare tool or for family planning. Even if you are postpartum, not regularly cycling, or on hormonal birth control and want to get off - this class is for you!

We'll answer the top questions that women have when first starting out. We'll cover topics like the efficacy of hormonal contraceptives vs fertility awareness, apps and fertility tech, biomarkers of the cycle (mucus, temperature, etc), normal vs abnormal cycle patterns, postpartum, and much more. Plus, we'll share a guidebook and bonus content with you so you can get started charting today!

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Lumina Health Services


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