From chaos to clarity! Mastering data mapping for privacy

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From chaos to clarity! Mastering data mapping for privacy

By Ketch

Data mapping is the privacy buzzword of the moment, but do you truly understand what it entails? Why do we see so much variation across the privacy world in data map definition, capabilities, and output?

Join us for a no-holds-barred conversation about data mapping myths, promises, and realities. Whether you’re a privacy professional, data stakeholder, or tech leader: this event is your guide to unlocking the data map. When understood and deployed correctly, data mapping is more than a static report: it’s a strategic artifact that empowers organizations to navigate a complex data landscape. In this insightful discussion, we’ll unpack:
  • Understanding what a data map is (and isn’t!)
  • Realistic expectations for automation–where it shines, and where it falls short
  • How to think about the tech landscape, including buying criteria
  • Key use cases for proving business value

Featured speakers

Max Anderson, Co-founder and Head of Product, Ketch

Alysa Hutnik, Partner, Kelley Drye

Colleen Barry, Head of Marketing, Ketch

Peter Wang, Product Manager, Ketch

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