The Snowman and the Robin by Michael Foreman, OBE

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The Snowman and the Robin by Michael Foreman, OBE

By Scholastic

This Christmas, join national treasure, Michael Foreman OBE, for a wintery tale of wonder and wisdom. Beloved author and illustrator, Michael Foreman will be reading from his new book, The Snowman and the Robin, about a snowman exploring the streets of London at night guided by his robin friend. Dedicated to his friend, Raymond Briggs, this new wintertime classic features gorgeously painted cityscapes that capture the magic of London at night from the snowy guards at Buckingham Palace to the dazzling Christmas lights in Piccadilly Circus. Michael will be sharing early sketches and how the characters evolved over the course of creating the book. Michael will also be looking at some of his favourite snowmen and other delightfully festive characters that have inspired him, and many other literary works, over the years. After all, who doesn’t love a snowman? They are short-lived, but timeless.

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