Personalizing multidisciplinary care for IBS

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Personalizing multidisciplinary care for IBS

By Mindset Health

Discover the latest IBS interventions with leading GI experts and elevate your patient care.

Secure your spot at our exclusive gut health webinar featuring the expertise of key IBS opinion leaders, GI psychologist Dr. Megan Riehl and renowned dietitian Kate Scarlata.

4 April 5pm EDT (East Coast US/Canadian practitioners)
4 April 2pm PDT (West Coast US/Canadian practitioners)
4 April 10pm GMT (UK practitioners)
5 April 8am ADST (Australian practitioners)

We know managing IBS poses considerable challenges for you and your patients alike, and Dr. Riehl and Kate will be on-hand to guide you through the latest science-backed nutritional and behavioral interventions.

Why you should register
  • Learn how to elevate your practice with cutting-edge IBS management strategies.
  • Discover how you can begin applying the latest interventions that are clinically validated and change the quality of life for your patients.
  • Claim 1 x hour CPD.
Spread the word
All healthcare providers working in gut health are invited to come along. Share this link with your colleagues and encourage them to register.

By joining the live event or catching up with the recording, you will receive a CPD claim form and certificate of completion for 1 x hour of self-directed CPD.

Free Nerva accounts for your patients
By joining the live event or watching the recording, you will receive 3 free Nerva accounts to pass along to your patients. If you've been wanting to learn how gut-directed hypnotherapy can align with your practice, this is your opportunity.

Register here now and you will be sent a link to access the webinar on the day.

About Kate Scarlata
Kate Scarlata MPH, RDN is a Boston-based registered dietitian and New York Times best- selling author with 30+ years of digestive health experience. She is a world-renowned low FODMAP diet expert and invited speaker at numerous international and national gastrointestinal health conferences from Harvard Medical School to Monash University.

About Dr. Megan Riehl
Dr. Megan Riehl is a health psychologist expert in the management of gastrointestinal and chronic health conditions. She is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Michigan. Her research and clinical expertise have led to several peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, invited commentaries and now the book she feels confident people living with IBS have been waiting for, Mind Your Gut. Together with her co-author, Kate Scarlata, they have also launched The Gut Health Podcast focused on overall gut wellness. Dr. Riehl is an expert in the delivery of brain-gut behavioral therapies and also provides educational lectures, consultation and supervision for colleagues interested in this important area of gastroenterology care.

Contact Mindset Health's Research Lead Claire Hall at [email protected]

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