Discover and Sketch Mistletoe

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Discover and Sketch Mistletoe

By Christine Elder

Everyone knows the tradition of stealing a kiss under a mistletoe sprig during the holidays!

In this workshop, I'll teach you about the history and uses of native mistletoes and also their importance to wildlife.

I'll then lead you in a step-by-step demonstration of sketching and watercoloring some festive mistletoe leaves and fruits.

You can choose to send your watercolor painting as a holiday greeting card or frame it as a present for botanically-oriented friends or family!

Recommended Supplies
•Graphite pencil & black pen
•Opaque white media
•Watercolors and associated painting supplies
•Watercolor paper
•Scrap paper for making viewfinders and test swatches
•Envelope, hair dryer
•Mistletoe image (available inside workshop)

hosted by

Christine Elder

Christine Elder


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