Best practice for monitoring and improving water efficiency

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Best practice for monitoring and improving water efficiency

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The built environment is a major consumer of water resources and “operational water” – that which is used to run all buildings; from homes to offices, schools and universities, hospitals, shops and hotels – has the biggest impact on water consumption, and has been increasing per capita over the past few decades.
With this in mind, the need for water management and efficiency in the buildings we live and work in has never been greater. Today, businesses are being encouraged to reduce water use, but how can water efficiency be monitored effectively?
During this webinar, we will:
  • examine average water consumptions in a range of buildings - from offices and restaurants to universities and shopping centres
  • uncover how building owners and managers can develop an achievable water-reduction target
  • discuss some of the ways the target can be reached and how progress can be tracked
Hosted by Dhruti Shah

Anders Barkholt, COO, Aguardio
Tom Reynolds, CEO, Bathroom Manufacturers Association Andrew Tucker, Water Demand Reduction Manager, Thames Water

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