Building Generative UIs with DataStax and Vercel

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Building Generative UIs with DataStax and Vercel

By DataStax

By now you've probably experienced generative AI in the form of text. Ask ChatGPT a question, and get an answer. But what if you could ask about the weather and your web application could show you the current weather and 10-day forecast as an image? What if you could ask it to play Pacman?

Join DataStax and Vercel for a 45-minute livestream where we’ll learn about the Vercel AI SDK and how it enables developers to deliver generative UI experiences using LLMs and React Server Components. During this livestream, we'll roll-up our sleeves and walk through:
  • Creating a new Next.js project with the Vercel AI SDK
  • Generate some UI components with the help of OpenAI
  • Wire it up to Astra DB to inject real data in our components
To wrap up, we’ll host a live Q&A where you can ask technical questions. If you can’t join live, register anyway! We’ll share the replay afterward.

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