Kid Koala: Music To Draw To - Session 161 livestream

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Kid Koala: Music To Draw To - Session 161 livestream

By kidkoala

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Normally, we would host these Music To Draw To events somewhere cozy with everyone in the same room. It started in the winter of 2009 in Montreal at Théâtre Ste. Catherine. Each Monday, I would play a set of quiet time focus music and people were invited to come draw, write, code and study. We strung lights and set up seats and little drawing tables for everyone. The point was to create a cozy atmosphere for people to work on their own creative projects.
Over the y
ears, I started to improvise and create some original ambient pieces live. Several of which would become the skeletal tracks for the Music To Draw To album series which would start almost a decade later.
Since 2009, We have been lucky enough to bring this event to several cities around the world. We also continue hosting them in Montreal every winter. It remains one of my favorite events to host.
I'm constantly inspired by the range of projects that people work on at these sessions. Over the years, there have been many writers, painters, animators, sculptors and video game coders at the events. But there have also been filmmakers finishing screenplays, teachers finishing lesson plans and even designers bringing in looms and dress forms for their clothing/textile projects. I remember this one attendee was working on a laptop on what I thought was some wild 3D animation. I asked her if it was for a video game or music video but it turned out she was a neuroscientist studying CT scans. I love that! Everybody's welcome!
Bring your creative projects.
Come join us if you need a little focus music or to get some (quiet) work done.

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