Luke Williams: 'Diego Garcia' - In conversation with Lindsey Moore

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Luke Williams: 'Diego Garcia' - In conversation with Lindsey Moore

By Lancaster Litfest

Edinburgh. Two writer friends, Damaris and Oliver Pablo, spend their days trying to get to the library, bickering over their tanking bitcoin, failing to write or resist the sadness. Then they meet Diego. He tells them he is named for his mother’s island in the Chagos Archipelago, which she and her community were forced to leave by the British in 1973. But how to share a story that is not theirs to tell? And how to account for a loss not theirs to grieve? Diego Garcia is a tragicomedy interrogating the powers of literature alongside historical crimes.

‘An extraordinary achievement, this single novel composed by two writers is both a paean to connectivity and a profound study of the tragedy of human disconnect’ - Ali Smith

Luke Williams is the author of The Echo Chamber. He lives in Cove. His latest novel, Diego Garcia, won The Goldsmith’s Prize 2022. It is co-authored with British-Mauritian author Natasha Soobramanien, the author of Genie & Paul.

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