November Picture Book Biographies!

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November Picture Book Biographies!

By Books of Wonder

Dive into History!

Follow along virtually to meet these iconic people and learn about the great influence they've had on our world!

Tune in to discover:
  • Jackie and the Books She Loved by RONNI DIAMONDSTEIN. History remembers Jackie as the consummate First Lady, especially for her White House restoration and the cultural events she instituted during her husband’s administration. Jackie was on the world stage in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated. She led the nation in grieving the fallen leader with grace and dignity. This insightful story paints the portrait of a child captivated by reading and a love of literature and writing — from five‑year‑old Jackie reading Chekhov stories to a seasoned and confident Jackie at her desk as an editor in the last two decades of her life.
  • Kati's Tiny Messengers: Dr. Katalin Kariko and the Battle Against COVID-19 by MEGAN HOYT. When she was young, Katalin Karikó decided she would study science — even though she had never met a scientist! With determination, she eventually became a doctor. After facing many challenges, Kati and her family left Hungary and moved to America. She knew that, with work, she could teach messenger RNA to fight off harmful viruses. There was just one problem — no one else believed her. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Kati and her research were thrust into the spotlight. But with her unshakable will, she was ready to face the challenge and knew that she would be able to fight this virus... and win.
  • On the Tip of a Wave: How Ai Weiwei's Art is Changing the Tide by JOANNA HO. This is the story that shines a light on Ai Weiwei and his journey, specifically how the Life Jackets exhibit at Konzerthaus Berlin came to be. As conditions for refugees worsened, Ai Weiwei was inspired by the discarded life jackets on the shores of Lesbos to create a bold installation that would grab the attention of the world.
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