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Passion to Profit$

By Yo Quiero Dinero

If you’re struggling to reach your financial goals or just want to crush them faster, you need to earn more money. PERIODT.

And guess what… this email is giving you one hell of a helping hand.

This is your invite to my FREE Passion To Profit$ Webinar.

During this live class, we’re gonna have f*ck-ton of fun learning how to bring in more dinero each month with a side hustle you love.

I know a lot of financial “experts'' talk about reaching your financial goals with restrictive methods. Like strict budgeting, cutting expenses and shit like that …

But the truth is, for most of us, our day job salary isn't going to cut it. On average Latinas are only paid 55% of the average white male paycheck. (We already know this is some bullshit. 🤬 It’s time to give ourselves a damn raise.)

If you want to build REAL generational wealth.
Generating MORE dinero with a side hustle is far more effective than trying to stretch your salary by skimping on expenses.

Making money on your terms is poderosa AF. And so are you Amiga. Once you master THIS skill, it’ll be your secret financial independence weapon.

You can say f*ck-off to saving a few dollars here and there by skipping lattes and scrimping on your haircut.

And ¡HOLA! to hundreds or even thousands of dollars of extra monthly income from a side hustle you enjoy.
Your side hustle could even be a hobby or something you do just for fun. (My first side hustle was my Latin food blog, Delish D'Lites). Imagine making thousands cooking bombass food and writing about it. I've got 10 years of experience launching successful online brands, and I’m sharing all my secrets during the webinar.)

Side hustle possibilities are endless.

You just need the right strategy. My 10-step side hustle framework will show you how-to:

🤑 Create an entrepreneurial mindset
🤑 Identify Your Most Profitable Skills
🤑 Validate Your Side Hustle With JUST One Paying Customer
🤑 Stand Out Online
🤑 Define Your Goals
🤑 Set Milestones That'll Force You to Launch
🤑 Delegate The Right Tasks
🤑 Get Amazing Testimonials and Feedback
🤑 Protect Your Day Job
🤑 Build a Sustainable Biz Before You Ditch Your Day Job

Plus I’ll help you figure out exactly where to start for YOUR situation. If you have a side hustle idea but don't know where to start. OR even if you have no clue what you could do as a side hustle — I got you boo. 😘

This webinar will give you a clear road map for starting and growing a profitable side hustle. From mindset and monetizing your ideas, to managing taxes and a lot more.

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