Selecting a Hydroponic System for Your Classroom

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Selecting a Hydroponic System for Your Classroom

By KidsGardening

Hydroponic gardening is a great alternative for educators who are short on space and/or challenged by long winter months during the school year. It also offers opportunities for students to explore the merging of agriculture and technology while exploring science basics — like plant needs and life cycles — through a new lens. The creation of new small-scale, prefabricated hydroponic systems has made the implementation of hydroponic gardening in classroom spaces easier than ever; however, choosing a system can be challenging, especially for new gardeners.

Join KidsGardening for a webinar to help educators interested in starting a hydroponic garden select the system that best fits their needs and resources. In this webinar, KidsGardening will share important considerations to make when choosing a system and the educational resources we have available to help integrate a hydroponic garden into your curriculum. The webinar will also feature representatives from AeroGarden, ForkFarms, FullCircle26, Gardyn, and Rise Gardens — five great companies producing hydroponic systems and programming for schools who will share information about their available systems and resources to help educators determine which system might be the best fit for their program. All who register will also have the opportunity to enter to win prizes from each of our presenting brands!

This webinar will be recorded and available for viewing on this web page immediately following the presentation.

To turn on live captions during the presentation, please join using the Chrome browser and visit this page for instructions on how to turn them on:

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