Permission: How to unlock your Independence and Ambition with Shivani Gopal, Founder & CEO Elladex

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Permission: How to unlock your Independence and Ambition with Shivani Gopal, Founder & CEO Elladex

By Freelancing Gems

When giving advice to friends, it’s so easy to say things like: “You’ve got this, “Just go for it," “You deserve better," and so forth.

Yet, when it comes to ourselves, have you noticed you often aren’t giving yourself the same pep talk?
You’re not alone. For a lot of us, it’s difficult to give ourselves permission to go for what we want and know we deserve it.

This hesitance to give ourselves permission is often deeply rooted in self-belief and the pesky imposter-syndrome creeping in.

But what if we actually started giving ourselves the same permission we so easily grant to others? Imagine what could be possible when we start giving ourselves permission.

These possibilities are what we will be diving into with Shivani Gopal, CEO and Founder of Elladex, a digital rolodex for women's personal, professional and financial growth, for the second instalment of our Powerful Women Series with Stella Insurance.

Shivani gave herself permission through her high school days, to leaving her marriage at a young age and launching her own businesses multiple times.
She is a passionate feminist, award winning entrepreneur and finance expert on a mission to create a more equal world.

Maybe you have heard Shivani before as a weekly panellist on ABC Radio’s “Money Matters” segment, the host for the Women’s Agenda podcast and also a media regular on shows such as Today Show and ABCs The Drum.

Shivani says “sometimes we seek permission from others on things that they’d never dare do themselves.”
Shivani’s mission in life is to “live a fully expressed life” and she is joining us to share her journey to inspire you to define your own.

Join us online to explore:
  • How to embrace your independence and have the confidence to do what others would never
  • Defining what a fully expressed life is to you
  • Harnessing your ambition in life and business
More on Shivani Gopal
Shivani Gopal is an expert in unlocking inclusion and participation in finance and leadership for women. She is the founder and CEO of Elladex, Australia’s first digital mentor marketplace & daily learning platform - a global ‘rolodex’ with over 25,000 women, designed to elevate personal, professional and financial success.

Shivani won the 2022 NSW Excellence in Women's Leadership Award and the Top 50 Small Business Leaders award and is recognised as a business thought leader.

She is the author of the 2023 Inclusion Report: The Perspex Ceiling and the Illusion of Inclusion - a landmark national research paper spanning over 2000 participants that assesses the challenges and opportunities of inclusion and diversity across Australian corporations - due to release in June 2023. Shivani is also an official delegate to the 2023 G20 Summit in India as part of the Start-Up Engagement Group, contributing her experience and expertise in startups to better equip the global ecosystem for success.

She holds an MBA and a Masters in Commerce, majoring in Financial Planning and her work has seen her covered in some of Australian media outlets, including the AFR, the SMH, The Today Show, Channel 7 and more.

When: Thursday 20 July 12PM AEST
Where: Online
Registration: Free

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