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Picture Books to Explore

By Books of Wonder

These Books Are the Perfect Adventure Companions!

A crime-solving kitty, a gaggle of grandmothers, and a much-loved automobile all come together to form this wonderful virtual picture book event!
Tune in to discover:
  • Kid Noir: Kitty Feral and the Case of the Marshmallow Monkey by EDDIE MULLER. Dangerous denizens lurk around every dark corner as Kitty searches for clues in bookstores, alleyways, rooftops, and waterfronts. Who made off with the majestic Marshmallow Monkey (inspired by none other than the Maltese Falcon)? Where is the beloved Mitch the Mutt? Kitty’s got plenty of questions and not enough answers! Follow along through a tangled web of crime and intrigue as Kitty tries to solve the case.
  • Grandmothers Galore! by JUDITH HENDERSON. When a mysterious yellow envelope arrives at Hollyhock House, it causes quite the hubbub. It’s addressed simply to “the greatest grandmother in the world.” The trouble is, there are a lot of grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and even a great-great-grandmother living at Hollyhock House. So who is the best grandmother?
  • A Letter for Bob by KIM ROGERS. Ever since the day Mom and Dad brought Bob home from the car dealership, Bob has been a part of Katie’s family. Bob has taken them all over, from powwows to vacations to time spent with faraway family. Bob has been there in sad and scary times and for some of the family’s most treasured memories. But after many miles, it’s time for the family to say goodbye to Bob…
Saturday, October 7th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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