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Picture Books to Share!

By Books of Wonder

Picture Books You Won't Want to Keep to Yourself!

These bright new picture books are full of love and care, and are perfect for sharing with the special readers in your life!
Tune in to discover:
  • Time to Make Art by JEFF MACK. A curious child is ready to make art, but how and what should she create? Awed by the endless possibilities, she begins asking meaningful questions about creating art. Her questions are answered by a diverse group of artists throughout time and history: from the earliest cave painters to the most recent digital illustrators!
  • Dear Muslim Child by RAHMA RODAAH. This is a love letter to Muslim children that celebrates their faith and encourages them to take their rightful space in the world. A lyrical ode to Muslim children all over the world, this joyful celebration of Islam tells Muslim children that their stories matter!
  • Mama's Library Summers by MELVINA NOEL. Every summer, Mama takes her two daughters to the library to pick out books. Not just any books — books about Black people. In the 1960s, such stories were not taught in schools. The two sisters make a beeline to that very spot and gather up the library’s limit: ten books each. From there, they're able to dive into history from their favorite reading spots.
  • Do I Have to Go to the Party? by JONATHAN FENSKE. It’s Baby Guppy’s birthday, and the fish tank friends are having a party. There’s just one problem -- parties make Poppy nervous. Poppy is worried she will wear the wrong hat or bring the wrong gift. And when Poppy gets nervous, she puffs up! When Poppy arrives, she discovers Baby Guppy has a problem, too. Can Poppy stay calm and help save the party?
Sunday, March 24th at 1PM ET via Crowdcast!

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