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Picture Books to Share

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Beautiful Tales (and Tails!)

These wonderful picture books will have you smiling from ear to ear, from a mermaid and pirate that overcome their differences to become the best of friends, to a sweet girl that draws pictures of her favorite memories with her mother, you're sure to feel warm and fuzzy!
Tune in for:
  • Mermaid and Pirate by TRACY BAPTISTE. Mermaid and Pirate cannot understand each other. They speak different languages and come from different worlds. But they’re quick to lend a hand, or a tail, when the sky grows stormy and waters get rough, and a friendship is born. Sometimes kindness and generosity speak louder than words.
  • Moonlight Memories by AMANDA DAVIS. Piper is feeling sad and empty after the loss of her mother. So when her father gives her a telescope to console her, she’s excited to explore the night sky. But she doesn’t find stars or planets when she looks through her lens. Instead, she finds a constellation of memories, a treasured collection of big and small moments with her mother, which she hurries to draw before they fade from view. Night after night she sketches, until eventually, she finds herself in a room covered in memories, surrounded by reminders of her mother’s love.
  • Luna Ranchera by RODRIGO MORLESIN. Long ago, Luna was down on her luck, starving and struggling to feed her pups, reduced to thieving from nearby ranchers. One day, escaping another heist, Luna has to hide in the worst possible place: on top of a beehive! She howls in pain so loudly, it carries all across the desert. It turns out Luna’s musical wails are something special, and her most rebellious pup, Ranchera, joins her, and soon the two become the famous howling singing act, Luna Ranchera!
Saturday, July 15th at 1PM via Crowdcast!

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