Picture Books to Share - 05/28

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Picture Books to Share - 05/28

By Books of Wonder

Picture Books to Discover and Delight!

Family, friendship, and fearlessness take center stage in this picture book virtual panel featuring new titles you'll want to share with all the curious young readers in your life!
Featuring the wonders of snail mail, swimming, and... penguins? — be sure to tune in to discover these wonderful new titles:
  • When You Can Swim by JACK WONG. In a collection of awe-inspiring vignettes, author & artist Jack Wong invites readers to voyage into world of water. Discover the many delights, mysteries, and powers that swimming holds in this poetic picture book!
  • Pirate & Penguin by MIKE ALLEGRA. A comedic tale of acceptance and friendship featuring a clumsy pirate and clumsier penguin! Our dear pirate doesn't know that Penguin is, in fact, not a parrot — but hey! If it sits on your shoulder and squawks "shiver me timbers" what more do you need?
  • Close To You From Far Away by ERICA ROOT. How do you stay close to someone when they're hundreds of miles away? Here, Gigi learns that with the power of love and letter writing, she can feel closer to her dear Grandma than ever before. And with bonus postcards included in the book, so can you and your young reader!
Sunday, May 28th at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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