Myth Busting Phonics at KS3+

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Myth Busting Phonics at KS3+

By Abigail Steel Training

  • Isn't phonics when young children chant silly ditties whilst waving hands around in the air looking at letters on flashcards?
  • Can't imagine older learners agreeing to read books with sentences like 'The cat sat on the mat'?
  • Are your secondary teaching colleagues perplexed when you suggest that people are talking about phonics for older learners?
Join me, Abigail Steel, as I talk about what phonics does and doesn't look like with older learners. Come armed with your questions and pop them in the chat box before, during or after the webinar.

Crowdcast webinars are recorded live and available to watch immediately afterwards on the same link as the original live webinar. Come back and re-watch your webinars on (select 'webinars' on the homepage menu).

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