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By Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop

Pitchapalooza is American Idol for Books (only kinder and gentler). Twenty writers will be selected randomly on the spot to pitch their book idea during this fun, virtual event.

Pitchapalooza is free and open to the public, though a $25 donation is suggested. Those who make a donation will be entered into a drawing for a free registration to the April 4-6, 2024, Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop at the University of Dayton. One person will be selected randomly and announced at the end of Pitchapalooza. Whether you make a donation or not, all interested in attending the event need to click on "Save my spot!" and register.

At Pitchapalooza, each writer will get one minute — and only one minute! Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry, known as The Book Doctors, will help these writers, and everyone in the audience, improve their pitches. They will critique everything from idea to style to potential in the marketplace and much more. The winner will receive an introduction to an agent or publisher appropriate for their book. Numerous authors have received publishing deals due to Pitchapalooza.

To throw your name in the hat, fill out this form by Oct. 2 and come prepared to make your one-minute pitch during the virtual event. Names will be drawn at the event.

Authors and audience will come away with concrete advice as well as a greater understanding of the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Whether you’re pitching yourself, or simply listening to trained professionals critique other writers, Pitchapalooza is educational and entertaining for everyone.

For background on Pitchapalooza, click here.

For a short Pitchapalooza video on how to make a perfect pitch, click here.

Questions? Email [email protected].

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