Performance Health for Instrumental and Vocal Teachers

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Performance Health for Instrumental and Vocal Teachers

By Musicians' Union

Join Dr Pippa Wheble and Claire Cordeaux of the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) as they discuss the recently published How to support your students’ health and wellbeing – a guide produced by BAPAM and the Musicians’ Union (MU)

The guide is designed for instrumental and vocal teachers, who will often be the first person a student turns to when they have a problem.

It will not make you a clinical expert but it will give you advice on how to minimise health problems by adopting healthy routines into your own and your students’ practice.

It will also help you recognise potential problems and know when to refer to clinical experts.

BAPAM (the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine) deliver expert health and wellbeing services for musicians and performing arts professionals.

As a medical charity, BAPAM partners with the Musicians’ Union to support members with career-related healthcare needs, ensuring musicians receive the best possible information and training to prevent poor health as well as care when things go wrong, to support healthy careers and help overcome problems.

The breadth of health challenges that may be encountered throughout a career in music can range from mental health, musculoskeletal, vocal health and hearing concerns, while common issues such as eyesight and dental health can cause specific problems when performing. BAPAM connects those working and studying in the performing arts with clinical specialists in these fields, and more.

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