Recruitment engagement: Why this needs to be in your 2023 strategy

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Recruitment engagement: Why this needs to be in your 2023 strategy

By SourceWhale

These days everybody is fighting for attention. Inboxes are inundated with hundreds of emails each week and it’s become increasingly difficult to stand out. Winning new clients, and cutting through the noise with candidates is more important then ever. So how can staffing firms and agencies adapt their strategies to ensure they remain competitive in a market that’s constantly changing?

By putting their engagement strategy at the heart of their business.

Join Dougie Loan and Ben Cawood as they run a 30-minute live webinar to discuss why recruitment engagement platforms, now used by thousands of recruiters globally each day, are fast becoming the cornerstone of every successful business, as well as:
  • What good recruitment engagement looks like and why you should care
  • Why teams need to prioritize how they engage with candidates and clients if they wish to reach the top 1% in their industry
  • How to build a robust recruitment engagement strategy that drives consistent results
  • Sure-fire methods you can incorporate right now to improve your open, response and interest rates
  • The tools and technology you need to succeed
Answering your questions live on the day, don’t miss out on this interactive session by saving your spot today.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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