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Welcome to RejectionCon! Everything you need to know is right here: where you can see the full agenda, learn about our charity sponsor and anything else you'd like to know!

Here's how to register for RejectionCon:
1. Press "View tickets"

2. Select your ticket. You can use the pay what you can option and go with $0 up to anything you'd like! But we suggest $25.

Or, you can select an MSP pass and buy a pass for everyone in your company! But make sure you tell them to use the code FREEMSP and send them this webpage so they can go register too!

3. Enter your email address! We'll automatically send you a login link for the event too!

That's it!

Join the Rejects for an MSP Revolution
Some sessions are just too spicy for the normie conferences. Not here. Not RejectionCon. Check out our incredible agenda, loaded with out of this world content, and the celebration of innovative ideas.

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